Welcome to my little hive.  My name is Bridget and I live with my husband of almost four years and our cat Kesler. Yes, he is named after the hockey player.  I live outside Vancouver, BC and I am a huge Vancouver Canucks fan.  My nickname is Bee, and my husband often calls me Bumble, leading me to the “The Healthy Hive”.

Fort Langleyphoto-24

I just finished nursing school and got hired into a casual position at a big hospital.  My goal is to one day be an emergency or ICU nurse, but for now I just want to reinforce everything I have learned in the past three years.  My new life as a casual RN is going to challenge my desire for a regular schedule and ability to plan.  As I approach WW this time I really want to adapt to the lifestyle I’m going to have.

I am a runner, not a fast one, but a runner nonetheless.  Currently I am training for my 8th half marathon.  I also love Zumba and Step class, so when I’m not out pounding pavement I’m usually at the gym.  As a former competitive weightlifter, who went to the Junior Worlds many moons ago, you would think that I would embrace strength training.  Not so much, I’m trying to, but I love my cardio and group fitness.  Maybe one day I will pick up the bar again.

So join me as I try and manage my healthy hive.


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