Don’t Call It a Comeback

I got married just over 3 years ago.  Coincidentally or not, I was also at the lowest weight in my adult life then as well.  For those of you who are counting, like me, the magic number was 177lbs.  In late January 2009 I reached a breaking point and joined Weight Watchers at 219lb.  I was also that magic 177lbs when I left for university in 2003.

Just shy of 6 months after I got married I started a condensed nursing program, to receive my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in three years, rather than four.  The first year I went to the gym the mornings I was on campus, ate a balanced diet and slept enough.  I even ran my first half marathon, completing the Seattle Half Marathon in 2:29:29.  My weight stayed steady around 183/184.

I continued to train for races at the half marathon distance, completing 5 in the year 2011.  As well I raced my first sprint triathlon in the summer of 2011.  I had left my part time job in November of 2010 and this allowed me to run and go to the gym as much as pleased.  However, relying on my husband for all my fun money and to cover all of our living expenses made me feel extremely guilty.  Eventually in November 2011 I began working part time again.  At the same time I gave up my gym membership because of lack of time and also because I was planning to run my first full marathon in May 2012.  To make a long story short, lack of time forced me to put my marathon dreams on hold and run the half marathon instead.  I didn’t train properly and it was a bit of a gut buster.  In 2011 I hovered around 187/190lbs.  I was still happy here and with the busy pace of life I was just happy to be running and working out.

Fast forward to 2012, as I decreased my running, I didn’t increase workouts in any other areas.  In fact I became more sedentary than I had been for over three years.  Combined this with a sudden overwhelming fed up feeling regarding having to always make the healthy choice and be the one with willpower, I also abandoned any sense of healthy eating.  Fast food re-entered my life, frozen food and things I would never have craved in a million years suddenly became the most delicious items to me.  Running became a once a week slog if I was lucky.  My bike and swim suit were long neglected.  I woke up one morning at my start weight from January 2009.  That morning was October 21/2012.

In my life no one has ever called me skinny, but they have called me healthy, fit and strong.  My goal is to be that girl again – healthy, fit and strong.  The by product of being that girl was that I felt better about my appearance, but the best byproduct was feeling better about myself.  In 8 weeks I will have completed my nursing program, during which all this weight has crept back on.  As I proceed into the world of job hunting and casual shift work I want to be striving to be healthy, rather than maintaining bad habits.  My hope is to use this blog to connect with others, document my journey and hold be accountable.  This is the beginning of my success story.